Ladies Night by 11 Acorn Lane
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Swing in Spring trailer featuring “Perfect (Electro Swing Remix)” from the new EP “Ladies Night”

Thank you so much for the early play and support: Funky Panda, Swing Whale, Bart and Baker (Swing Party on French Jazz Radio FM), Alexander Wells (Swing Brother Swing), Mandy Morrow, Jared Hobbs (KUNV), Billybong Records, Rusty Hodge (Soma FM), Richard Medicineman, Khalil M., Hey Mr. Jesse

1. Ladies Night
2. Ladies Night (Electro Swing Remix)
3. Sugar And Cream (Extra Sugar Mix)
4. Perfect (Electro Swing Remix)
5. Lucky Day (Electro Swing Remix)

If you are a DJ interested in playing our music, please contact us.

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