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Redtenbacher’s Funkestra to release “A Very Funky Christmas”

On November 15, 2012, Wooden Hat Records will release the EP A Very Funky Christmas by Redtenbacher’s Funkestra.

Infusing funk, 60s boogaloo, jazz and 70s disco into classic holiday songs, this collection surely will inspire you to boogie through the season and take your holiday joy to the next level. Featured is “A Very Funky Christmas,” a Redtenbacher’s Funkestra original track destined to be added to everyone’s holiday party mix (approved for posting and sharing)

Listen to what  James Aston from the James Aston Band had to say about the upcoming funky Christmas EP:

A Very Funky Christmas was created in a very unique way on three different continents with the help of Skype, Elance and FTP servers. It all started in Turkey when the Swiss producer, Thomas Feurer, found himself heartily humming Christmas melodies into his laptop. A couple of emails later the Austrian bass artist, Stefan Redtenbacher, was laying down tracks in his London studio fabricating funky arrangements you would not usually associate with Christmas.

Thomas Feurer couldn’t wait to get home, to New York that is, where he would add more instruments including saxes, sleigh bells and a flexotone. The icing on the cake was a big bold brass section featuring Dutch trumpet player Albert Leusink and American trombonist Michael Davis. Many Skype and FTP exchanges later Thomas Feurer and Stefan Redtenbacher were so excited about their foolishly funky Christmas creations that they felt like sharing them with the whole world.

Discovered on the freelance website Elance, Bulgarian illustrator, Irina Pamyatnih, brilliantly design an album cover for the release that perfectly reflects the sassy celebratory music you’ll only hear on A Very Funky Christmas.

The Cooker (March 2013)

Redtenbacher’s Funkestra will release the upcoming LP, The Cooker in March 2013 on Wooden Hat Records. The recording features the core ensemble enhanced by two muscular horn sections, one from the U.K. and one from the U.S, and remains firmly rooted in foot tapping groove music. Special guests include Saturday Night Live bandleader Lenny Pickett, Eric Krasno (Soulive) and Michael B. Nelson’s Hornheads (Prince).

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