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Tout Tourne by Intended Immigration

September 2013

We are very excited to announce new music by Intended Immigration and the release of the single “Tout Tourne”.

“Tout Tourne” is an upbeat Gypsy Jazz track featuring French vocalist Fatiha who brings the perfect vibe and phrasing to the song. The recording is a Swiss-French-American collaboration in the true spirit of “Intended Immigration”.

A dancier version, the Swinging Electrons Remix, will be released September 27 on the compilaton “The Electro-Swing Revolution Vol. 4″ (Lola’s World Records/Clubstar/Soulfood) and on October 11 on Wooden Hat Records.

The photography for the cover art is courtesy of Swiss photographer Ralph Lohse.

A video for the Swinging Electrons Remix is forthcoming in September.
Tout Tourne (Swinging Electrons Remix) - thumbnail YouTube

Tout Tourne

Release Date: September 3, 2013
Catalog Number: WHR0020

Vocals by Fatiha
Acoustic guitar by Ciro
Upright bass by Craig Akin
Drums by Brian Dunne
Written, arranged & produced by Thomas Feurer

Tout Tourne (Swinging Electrons Remix)

Release Date: September 27 on “The Electro Swing Revolution Vol. 4″ (Lola’s World)
Catalog Number: WHR0021

Vocals by Fatiha
Trumpet by Nick Marchione
Clarinet & saxes by Thomas Feurer
Acoustic guitar by Ciro
Upright bass by Craig Akin
Bass guitar by Jerry Brooks
Written, arranged & produced by Thomas Feurer








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